House Of Realms

Artwork by John Stephens

In the House of Realms there only exist one Being, it has been there since the beginning of time. It doesn’t have a need for anything, but it has developed a curiosity about the realms that existed within the House it was born in. There were other beings from the different realms some where primitive and destructive but some were peaceful and productive.

In The House of Realms there was a order of existence so that the realms wouldn’t collide with each other, for if they do, they would collapse on each other and become void and the existence of everything will cease. The Being didn’t know how it came about this knowledge, but The knowledge was always there with him. But Change is inedible even in the House of Realms, and The Being could sense that Change wasn’t bringing something hopeful with it, but something dreadful and unjust that is going to cause Havoc upon all of existence, especially to the different realms. Now The Being didn’t know why the House of Realms would allow the Change to do that, but The Knowledge informed The Being that Change is ever flowing and that it couldn’t be stop even here in The House of Realms.

Change came and brought Havoc with it, it was dreadful to behold, The Being could sense it becoming into existence and could feel that it was dark and void, it didn’t have and end or a beginning. The Being could sense that The Havoc wanted to become just like The Being. But The Being was in order with The House of Realms and knew that it existed to keep the realms from harm, as well as to keep the order and peace within The House of Realms. Havoc grew arrogant and more destructive, it wanted The House of Realms for itself to spread it’s dreadfulness. The Knowledge informed The Being that destruction was indeed coming to The House of Realms, and that Havoc will grow more powerful and its destruction will spread to the other realms, and peace as well as the order of the house will cease to exist.

But there was something that could stop the destruction. The Knowledge showed The Being what would happened if Havoc would cross over into the realms, The Knowledge revealed The Truth and it foretold that Havoc would need to shed some of it’s power and change its form in order to coexist in the different realms. When the transformation is complete the being will have a chance to stop Havoc.

But time wasn’t on their side, Havoc grew impatient and had decided that it was going to one of the realms that was peaceful and productive, this realm was called Gaia, but it was also known as Earth to its inhabitants. The Being wanted to stop Havoc but The Knowledge said that it should be patient there was one more thing that The Truth have revealed. If The Being should decide to indeed stop Havoc, it must also shed some of its power and then take on a lesser form in order to capture Havoc, and then bring it back to the House of Realms to receive judgment. The Truth revealed in order to bond Havoc’s power and capture it, The truth will lend The Being The Chain of Fate, because all cannot escape Fate. Therefore The Being must wear the chain around its form in order to not succumb to Fate. Darkness spread into the House of Realms, it was cold and full of void, Havoc’s transformation was complete and it set it sight on the realm of Gaia.

Time was running out and Knowledge inform The Being that it could take action, The Being shed its power and the House of Realms was filled with light and it kept the darkness away from the other realms. Havoc crossed into Gaia’s realm and then The Being also took on a lesser form, and complete it’s transformation, but before it crossed over after Havoc it turned and let The Knowledge know that it was now known as Retribution.

This story was in response to the #WriteFantasyFriday #WritingPrompt on the BookNVolume Blog by Cynthia Morgan more information in the link here.

And as always comments are welcome!

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