Yes, you are special the one reading this 😉

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read more about myself. First of all let me introduce myself I’m phoinixyuriko87 no as you have guessed it’s not my real name. Phoinix and Yuriko are the names of the characters in one of my short stories. I just like the mysteriousness and uniqueness of it maybe I’ll add another name in the near future and of course 87 is the year I was born.

We’ll enough of that I’m from sunny South Africa and I live in a small very busy town near our western coast which is great because we have all of the four seasons in one day sometimes it’s good and on the other days not so good I don’t know maybe it’s a result of global warming. I come from a big family of which I’m the eldest of the new generation which can also be hectic and great sometimes. You will read more about my family and their antics in the future. Other topics will be about fiction writing, new things that I’ve learned along the way and other things of my daily life.

I expect the people who read my blogs to feel welcomed and free to have discussions on topics that interest me and I will do the same for them as well.

So thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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